Drop Tournament: The ‘Ship!

And we’re down to two! The upsets have gone away and it’s come down to two #1 seeds and will be a battle of Olés.

Championship voting is now active and you’ll again have 1 week to vote on the matchups.

Final 4 Recap/Championship Preview:

Rappers Bracket:
#1 ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ dominated #3 ‘Put it on the board!’ by a score of 56-20. The #1 seed continued its streak of dominance and will be tough to beat the in championship.

World Capitals Bracket:
#1 ‘Dirty Fuentes’ narrowly defeated #2 ‘Name Game Drops’ by a score of 43-33. Good production was finally able to beat out the quantity of drops.

Championship Preview:
It’s the battle of the Olés as ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ takes on ‘Dirty Fuentes’. Who will be able to claim the Olé Title and be recognized as the best drop in the 06010? It’s also a matchup of a listener produced drop vs. a Pod Vader produced drop.