Drop Tournament: Sweet 16 recap and Elite 8 preview

Two rounds are in the book and the tournament is turning out to be quite interesting. There’s obviously a little bit of a bias (but not a Rocky Mountain one) towards the newer drops.

Elite 8 voting is now active and you’ll again have 1 week to vote on the matchups.

Sweet 16 Recap/Elite 8 Preview

Halifax Region:
#1 ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ continues to dominate its competition and will face the #6 ‘Happy Birthday song’. I was a little surprised at this since it appeared that Michelle Beadle’s ‘Pod Vader’ had some momentum after knocking off ‘Phone in Friday’.

#1 ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ vs. #6 ‘The Happy Birthday Song’ – Will the tournament’s #1 seed continue to steamroll its opponents or will it be upset by a song? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the song get a boost in this round since it’ll be played on the June 9th podcast.

Bristol Region:
In the biggest upset of the tournament, #5 ‘The Curse of Stephania Bell’ handily defeated #1 ‘The War By The Shore’ and moves on to the Elite 8. In another dominating performance, #3 ‘Put it on the board!’ blew right by the #2 ‘The Jimmy Rollins Rule’.

#5 ‘The Curse of Stephania Bell’ vs. #3 ‘Put it on the board!’ – This should be an evenly matched battle as both drops are routinely played and easily remembered. I’m predicting this one is decided by less than 10 votes.

Ireland Region:
#1 ‘Dirty Fuentes’ nearly shut out #4 ‘The Closer Carousel’ and is proving to be a tough #1 seed that may very well make it all the way to the finals. People like Nate’s high horse stance and voted the #3 ‘You people are all idiots’/High Horse drop past the fearsome #2 ‘The Kraken’. I’m betting that Jason Heyward’s injury took away from the votes a bit as the drop has been seldomly used this season.

#1 ‘Dirty Fuentes’ vs. #3 ‘You people are idiots’/High Horse – Will the #1 seed steamroll its competition yet again? I’m thinking that the horse may not be so tall by this time next week.

Canandaigua Region:
#1 ‘Fantasy Goat’ edged out #4 ‘The Comedy Goalie’ by 3 votes. The goat may not be able to handle the matchups of combined drops and will have to do so in the Elite 8. #2 ‘The Name Game’ drops downed the #6 ‘I bow to the greatness of Matthew Berry’ and hopes that it’s collective power will carry it in to the Final 4.

#1 ‘Fantasy Goat’ vs. #2 ‘The Name Game’ drops – The goat struggled against the tandem of Comedy Goalies last week and may have tough time against the vastness of all the name game drops. This very well may be a case of quantity over quality.