Drop Tournament: Sweet 16 Preview

All of the #1 seeds managed to make it in to the Sweet 16 but can they make past this round? Can the Cinderella of the tournament, Michelle Beadle’s ‘Pod Vader’ pull out another upset? Can the ego driven drops of Nate’s High Horse and Matthew Berry’s greatness muster enough support to advance? We’ll find out soon enough as voting for this round lasts until June 7th.

Halifax Region:
#1 Bona fide or Bonifacio takes on #5 Fantasy Zombie
#6 The Happy Birthday song takes on #7 Beadle’s Vader

Bristol Region:
#1 The War by the Shore takes on #5 The Curse of Stephania Bell
#2 The Jimmy Rollins Rule takes on #3 Put it on the board!

Ireland Region:
#1 Dirty Fuentes takes on #4 The Closer Carousel
#2 The Kraken takes on #3 Nate’s High Horse

Canandaigua Region:
#1 Fantasy Goat meets #4 The Comedy Goalie
#2 The Name Game drops take on #6 ‘I bow to the greatness of Matthew Berry’

Sweet 16 Voting (6-1 to 6-7)