Drop Tournament: Round 1 Recap 1

First off, I apologize for the late recap of the first round of action.  I was pleased with the response on the tournament so far and hope that the interest can be maintained for the rest of the tournament.  It’s shaping up to be a good tournament!

In the Halifax region, the #1 seed ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ showed why they’re the tournament’s top seed and blew out #8 ‘The Mailbag drop’. In the closest battle of the first round, #5 ‘The Fantasy Zombie’ prevailed over #4 seeded ‘Nate Ravitz is the greatest fantasy analyst alive’ by a score of 144-137. In another upset, the #6 seed, ‘The Happy Birthday song’ beat out #3 ‘The Buzzsaw’ by 9 votes. But the biggest upset of the tournament was exhibited by #7 Michelle Beadle’s ‘Pod Vader’ over #2 ‘Phone in Friday’. Beadle may just end up being the Butler of this tournament.

Down in the Bristol region, the bracket went largely as planned as all the higher seeds soundly defeated the opponent. The lone upset was by #5 seeded ‘The Curse of Stephania Bell’ as it thrashed the ‘Company Man’ drop. Can this drop be the curse to other matchups?

The Ireland region, was as expected and all of the first round matchups were blowouts. Nothing much to say about this region, except Nate can continue to ride his horse in to the next round and possibly an Elite 8 appearance.

The Canandaigua region, saw the #1 seed, ‘Fantasy Goat’ and #2 seed, ‘The Name Game drops’ soundly defeat their opponents. The rest of this bracket’s matchups were far more interesting. #4 seeded ‘The Comedy Goalie’ was able to block #5 seed ‘Nate, you’re a weasel’ from advancing to the next round by a score of 149-132. Appropriately, the #3 seed ‘Wah’ can play itself off as it was upset by #6 ‘I Bow to the greatness of Matthew Berry’.

  • Evilistic

    Great job so far, looks like my fav ‘war by the shore’ is in trouble though