Drop Tournament: Elite 8 Recap/Final 4 Preview

And then there were four. There’s two weeks left in the tournament and it’s been a tournament of upsets so far but can it continue another week?

Final 4 voting is now active and you’ll again have 1 week to vote on the matchups.

Elite 8 Recap

Halifax Region:
#1 ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ blew out #6 ‘The Happy Birthday Song”s candles on its way to a 91-12 thrashing. The tournament’s #1 seed is looking strong going in to the Final 4.

Bristol Region:
#5 ‘The Curse of Stephania Bell’ finally ran out of gas as it was downed by #3 ‘Put it on the board!’ by a score of 63-40. I heard in the back that Chuck is feeling nervous and he hasn’t really faced any strong competition so far.

Ireland Region:
Across the pond, #1 ‘Dirty Fuentes’ knocked Nate off his high horse and gallops on to the next round.

Canandaigua Region:
#2 ‘The Name Game Drops’ is proving that it’s going to be tough to beat with its sheer number of drops in its arsenal. It sent #1 ‘Fantasy Goat’ home with a 78-25 drubbing.

Final 4 Preview

Rappers Bracket:
#1 seeded ‘Bona fide or Bonifacio’ will face off against #3 ‘Put it on the board!’. I believe that Vegas current has this matchup heaviliy in the #1 seeds favor…or could we witness one of the greatest upsets of all time?

World Capitals Bracket:
#1 seed ‘Dirty Fuentes’ will take on the goliath #2 ‘The Name Game drops’. Are we going to be looking at an all ‘Ole!’ final or will the volume of the Name Game drops prove too tough to beat?