The 06010 Drops Tournament 22

UPDATE: The tournament has been expanded to 32 drops. The rankings have been updated to reflect the current 32 drops in the tournament.  The bracket will be unveiled on Wednesday, May 25th.

UPDATE #2: The final rankings have been released.

As requested by Matthew Berry on the 5-19-11 podcast, I’ve ranked the top 32 drops that have been used on the podcast. These will be used in a NCAA style tournament to decide which one is the best. If you feel like a drop should be included in tournament, please comment or tweet me the drop and why it should be included.

Schedule of Events:
5-19 to 5-24
– Drop Selection Committee meets
5-25 – Drop Selection Committee unveils the tournament bracket
5-25 to 5-31 – Round of 32 voting
6-1 to 6-7 – Sweet 16 voting
6-8 to 6-14 – Elite 8 voting
6-15 to 6-21 – Final 4 voting
6-22 to 6-28 – Championship voting

Fantasy Focus 06010 Drops Rankings (final):

  1. Bona fide or Bonifacio
  2. The War by the Shore
  3. Dirty Fuentes
  4. Fantasy Goat
  5. The Name Game drops
  6. The Jimmy Rollins Rule
  7. The Kraken
  8. Phone in Friday
  9. “Put it on the board” – Chuck
  10. “Those people are idiots”/High Horse – Nate Ravitz
  11. “Wah”
  12. The Buzzsaw
  13. Comedy Goalie
  14. Company Man/ESPN Sports Center sound
  15. Closer Carousel
  16. “Nate Ravitz is the greatest fantasy analyst alive” – Matthew Berry
  17. “Nate, you’re a weasel” – Jesse Ventura
  18. Fantasy Zombie
  19. Jonas Brothers softball promo
  20. The Curse of Stephania Bell
  21. “I bow to the greatness of Matthew Berry” – Stephania Bell
  22. The Happy Birthday song
  23. Hard Justice
  24. Jay’s crappy promo
  25. “Pod Vader” – Michelle Beadle
  26. “Hello Sailor” – Matthew Berry
  27. “Mother, for breakfast this morning I want hot oatmeal” – Ma Berry
  28. The weasel noise
  29. Mailbag drops
  30. Matthew’s trumpet (“doot da doo”)
  31. Man’s League update
  32. Darth Vader’s breathing

Receiving votes: (“I Love Pod Vader” – Stephania, Nothing but nonsense, “That is factually correct” – Chuck, “Kaw kaw” – a crow)

  • kyle

    bona fide/bonafacio is going to destroy this bracket

  • Corey Herron

    Am I the only person who doesnt like bona fide/bonafacio? I just dont think its nearly as good as a lot of the others. Dirty Fuentes will forever be my favorite

  • kyle

    close second. also the hard justice drop has potential, but it’s still too young.

  • Bill

    Phone in Friday for the win! What about the WAH sound?

  • E-Cal

    Hands down, of these it’s “Hello, Sailor.” I wouldn’t recommend using it on halloween when talking to pretty women in sailor costumes though. I’ve found it rather ineffective.

  • Blake

    “Put it on the board” is a dark horse candidate in this race I feel… Twice last week I caught myself saying it at the end of a disagreement.

  • Philanthropic Frank

    Nothing is better than “The War by the Shore”, although i fear it could fall victim to an early upset

  • Dave

    The Beadle “Pod Vader” and “factually correct” are both better than “Hello Sailor”

  • Should definitely expand to 32. What about opening it up to different name game drops? Rocky Mt. Bias or EK’s drop, for example. Also new e-mail drop vs. old e-mail drop. Man’s league. And do football drops count? Maybe it should be 32.

  • oldave

    Sometimes (as I tell Mrs oldave often) genius comes in simple packages … Here’s a vote for moving “wah” into the top16. And I also feel that with all these really deserving bubble drops, it is high time to consider expansion. Wildcards and play-in games . And maybe next year consider interpod play (eg “you play a hundred, ill play 62”)

  • Will

    the name game is my dark horse always fresh.
    beadle’s Pod Vader should sneak into top 16 and make a Cinderella run

  • Will

    on the other hand bona fide or bonifacio is the easy favorite OLE’!!!!

  • D

    How about Matthew Berry screaming “Edgerrin James is the greatest running back of all time!” It’s in one of the name game drops and cracks me up every time.

  • psudalesio

    What? No “Brrrrrr”???

  • TylerC

    Oh man, the “Nate Ravitz is the greatest fantasy analyst alive” drop with the angel choir from the WBTS is criminally under-ranked. I giggle every time.

  • kapellmeisters

    Good suggestions here in the comments. This is totally getting you an interview on the podcast!

    If you expand the bracket to 32, there’s also….
    -“Fantasy Zombie”
    -“Closer Carousel”
    -“Nate, you’re a weasel” — Jesse The Body Ventura
    -“The Buzz” (BURR!!)
    -“Mail Time”
    -“Nothing but nonsense from this point forward…”
    -“Doo doo doo” (Matthew Berry trumpet fanfare)
    -“Happy Birthday Song”
    -“Man’s League Update, Update, Cupcake”

    And if you decide to use specific Name Game Drops, there are many to choose from.

  • arrec bardwin

    the buzzsaw chad billingsley??

  • Kevin

    I hate the Jimmy Rollins rule drop. It´s weird to begin with, takes too long, and interrupts flow.

  • Max

    The Jonas Brothers drop needs to be on the list. Easily one of the best Pod Vader produced drops ever.

  • Ed

    I’m gonna say this, about that. While I’d like to vote for Beadle, the answer has to be War by the Shore.

  • Jeff

    The Curse of Stephania Bell (“dun dun dunn!”) should be on the list.

  • Evilistic

    War by the shore, though maybe newer listeners don’t know it well enough… Brilliant drop attached to great memories and emotion!