2011 Baseball Man’s League

The 2011 Baseball Man’s League held its draft last night and as usual, here’s some of my observations on it.

  • Pod Vader drafted Erick Aybar, probably in an attempt to deal him later on for Cole Hamels.
  • Sadly, no one drafted Bartolo Colon.
  • Mike Stanton was drafted 63 spots ahead of Curtis Granderson.
  • Friday Dan apparently drank some of the Matthew Berry Kool-Aid and drafted Will Venable, Erik Bedard and Brian Duensing.
  • You cannot leave Nigerian Prince Adrian‘s team page; Hypnotoad does not allow this.
  • Board Bet Larry did not draft a single SP.
  • Seriously Angry Jenny and Welcome to Dumpsville Jay have some appropriate nicknames as they already have 7 players that are either DTD or on the DL.
  • If The Couple wants to prove their fandom of the podcast, they’ll deal Haren at the All-Star Break.
  • As mentioned on the podcast, Walkup Music Will has one of the more solid teams in the league.
  • SuckuptoSteffie Tom isn’t off to a good start with Stephania; He’s got more Dodgers than Giants on his team.
  • Notable players not drafted: Brennan Boesch, Xavier Nady, Eric Chavez, Kyle Blanks, Bartolo Colon, Dave Bush, Carlos Silva, and Barry Zito.