Marcedes Lewis controversy

Matthew and Nate have been discussing a possible missing board bet regarding Marcedes Lewis and I took this under investigation since I always keep an ear out for the bets. So, I put my sleuthing hat on and dug in to the archives. Marcedes Lewis has 2 TDs in his week 5 matchup (10-10-10) so this seemed like a prime spot for the guys to discuss Lewis. Sure enough, they did discuss Lewis and his prospects for touchdowns the rest of the season on the 10-11-10 podcast. Nate did offer up 6 TDs (11 total) for the rest season for Lewis and Matthew thought he would reach that, while Nate found it hard to believe (but thought Matthew may be right). However, no one ever said the magic words to make it an official board bet. All of this happened between 4:57 – 6:19 on the podcast.

If the board is decided by one bet, then either guy can go back to this bet and try to weasel their way in to a tie or a win.