2010 Football Board – Week 9 Recap

As you’ve probably already read and heard, Nate went 3-1 in board bets in week 9 and took a commanding 5-2 lead in the board.  Let’s see what the rest of the players did last week.

  1. Who has more fantasy points: Clinton Portis or C.J. Spiller?
    Portis is at 33 pts and Spiller is at 27 pts. It’s about as close to a crapshoot as you can get. Portis should be back pretty soon but who knows if he’ll regain the starting gig. Spiller just doesn’t get enough touches to really make an impact.
    Projected winner: Portis (Matthew)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: Wes Welker or Mike Sims-Walker?
    Welker is at 51 pts and Sims-Walker is at 58 pts. Welker hasn’t had a good week for a long time and while Sims-Walker is inconsistent, he’s capable of a huge game.
    Projected winner: Sims-Walker (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: Fred Jackson or C.J. Spiller?
    Jackson is at 40 pts and Spiller is at 27 pts. Unless Buffalo decides to see what they’ve really got in Spiller, Jackson will continue to slowly widen his lead.
    Projected winner: Jackson (Matthew)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Donald Brown or Cadillac Williams?
    Brown is at 25 pts and Williams is at 40 pts. Cadillac isn’t get the carries any more and Brown is not really doing his best to steal away the starting job in Indy. Brown could have one huge week to take the lead in this bet but I just don’t see him doing that.
    Projected winner: Williams (Nate)
  5. Will Tom Brady throw at least 31 TDs?
    Brady currently has 14 TD passes and is on pace for 28 TDs. While he’s still under the pace for 31 TDs, he’s still thrown a TD pass each week and all it would take is to have a string of 2-3 TD pass games to get him back on track.
    Projected winner: over 31 TDs (Nate)
  6. Will Joe Flacco throw for 4,000 yards?
    Flacco has thrown for 1,917 yards and is on pace for 3,834. He’s slowly creeping up to 4,000 yards as a projection. He’s got a couple nice games coming up where he should pick up some good yardage. It’ll be close but he’ll need to have good outings against the tougher pass defenses.
    Projected winner: Under 4,000 yards (Nate)
  7. Who has more fantasy points: LaDainian Tomlinson or Leon Washington?
    Tomlinson is at 102 pts and Washington is at 16 pts. This bet is over.
    Projected winner: Tomlinson (Matthew)
  8. Who has more receiving yards: Felix Jones (-50 yds) or Marion Barber?
    Jones has 107 yards (factoring in the handicap) and Barber has 28 yards receiving. Both guys have been pretty bad but at least Jones is looking like an option in the passing game, whereas Barber is not.
    Projected winner: Jones (Matthew)
  9. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: Shonn Greene or Matt Forte (-10 pts)?
    Forte has 59 pts (factoring in the handicap) and Greene has 41 pts. Unless something changes in New York, Forte should still rack up the points, despite losing goal line carries. He’s more involved in the offense than Greene ever was.
    Projected winner: Forte (Nate)
  10. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: Kyle Orton or Vince Young?
    Orton has 124 pts and Young has 56 pts. Randy Moss should help Vince Young out but Orton has too much of a lead at this point.
    Projected winner: Orton (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points from week 6 on: Dustin Keller or Vernon Davis?
    Keller has 16 pts and Davis has 23 pts. Next week should give us a good idea who’ll win this bet as Davis should be close to full strength and we’ll get to see how much Troy Smith looks his way. Keller is still getting decent production but needs to find the end zone and he should be able to do that against Cleveland this week.
    Projected winner: Keller (Matthew)
  12. Will Kenny Britt have 1.5 100yd receiving games?
    Britt currently has 0 10oyd receiving games with Vince Young. We’ll have to see how fast he recovers from his hamstring injury but the addition of Randy Moss should help him get open more as defenses will be stretched out.
    Projected winner: Under (Nate)
  13. Who has more fantasy points from week 8 on: Pierre Garcon or Miles Austin?
    Garcon has 8 pts and Austin has 12 pts. Another bet that’s really too close to call on a pair of guys that haven’t really be productive. It may be due to having Austin in a keeper league that has me holding out on him winning the bet…but Dallas is such a mess that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Garcon take this bet.
    Projected winner: Austin (Nate)
  14. Who has more fantasy points from week 9 on: Felix Jones or Ronnie Brown?
    Jones has 1 pt and Brown has 15 pts. I really don’t like what’s going on in Dallas for Jones’ production. Brown may have won this bet with his performance last week.
    Projected winner: Brown (Nate)

There wasn’t really any change in the board this past week, but Nate did take a commanding lead with 3 wins over the weekend. Nate is projected to win the board 13-8. There’s still a couple of bets that could easily go in Matthew’s favor so this may be the baseball board all over again.