Will Britt have over/under 1.5 100 yd games with Young? 2


Kenny Britt

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Matthew and Nate put the following on the board:

Will Kenny Britt have over/under 1.5 100+ yard receiving games with Vince Young the rest of the season?
Vince Young must start the game for any 100 yard games to count.

Matthew is taking the over an Nate is taking the under.

Check out the 10-25-2010 podcast between 12:50-15:24 for this bet.

  • Robin from Sweden

    Heard the debate about this bet, and Matthew is right – it should be scratched. If you lkisten to the podcast, it is clear that the bet was only on assuming that Young plays all 9 remaining games. Clearly, that did not happen.

  • Yeah, Berry did say “Assuming he (Young) plays all 9 games” and Nate didn’t say anything about that…we may have a weasel debate on our hands.