2010 Football Board – Week 5 Recap

Five weeks are in the books and yet there’s still only a dozen bets on the board. Pod Vader did the right thing by egging on Matthew and Nate to make the Keller/Davis bet but he’ll need to do it more often to make this more exciting. Let’s rundown the open bets and see where everything stands.

  1. Who has more fantasy points: Clinton Portis or C.J. Spiller?
    Portis is at 33 pts and Spiller is at 21 pts. Portis is pretty much done for the year and with Lynch gone out of Buffalo, Spiller should start racking up the the points and win the bet.
    Projected winner: Spiller (Nate)
  2. Who has more fantasy points: Wes Welker or Mike Sims-Walker?
    Welker is at 38 pts and Sims-Walker is at 27 pts. It’ll be interesting to see what Welker’s value will be after the Moss trade but I still like him more than the inconsistent Sims-Walker. Welker should be the better fantasy option.
    Projected winner: Welker (Matthew)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: Fred Jackson or C.J. Spiller?
    Jackson is at 17 pts and Spiller is at 21 pts. In their first post-Lynch game, Jackson outscored Spiller 7-3. Jackson is the number one back in Buffalo and should take the lead in this bet next week. Unless Buffalo throws a towel in on the season and gives Spiller the majority of the work, I like Jackson to win the bet.
    Projected winner: Jackson (Matthew)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Donald Brown or Cadillac Williams?
    Brown is at 14 pts and Williams is at 21 pts. Guess what? Joseph Addai is dealing with injuries again so Brown should be in line to pick up some decent fantasy points in week 6. On the other side, Williams is looking pretty horrible, yet he still holds an advantage over Brown since he still has a starting gig. I still like Williams for this reason but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Brown take this bet.
    Projected winner: Williams (Nate)
  5. Will Tom Brady throw at least 31 TDs?
    Brady currently has 8 TD passes and is on pace for 43 TDs. I was going to say something about what effect Moss will have on Brady but he was essentially gone from NE already so I think Brady will keep up the pace.
    Projected winner: over 31 TDs (Nate)
  6. Will Joe Flacco throw for 4,000 yards?
    Flacco has thrown for 1,116 yards and is on pace for 3,571. He hasn’t been very consistent this year.  If he wants to reach 4,000 yards he’ll need to have some monster games to make up for some of his poor performances.
    Projected winner: Under 4,000 yards (Nate)
  7. Who has more fantasy points: LaDainian Tomlinson or Leon Washington?
    Tomlinson is at 67 pts and Washington is at 16 pts. Barring an injury to LT, he’s already won the bet. Washington won’t see very many fantasy points behind Forsett and Lynch in Seattle.
    Projected winner: Tomlinson (Matthew)
  8. Who has more receiving yards: Felix Jones (-50 yds) or Marion Barber?
    Jones has 5 yards (factoring in the handicap) and Barber has 6 yards receiving. It looks like Dallas is giving Jones more of a role in the offense now and should gather more receiving yards if this holds up.
    Projected winner: Jones (Matthew)
  9. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: Shonn Greene or Matt Forte (-10 pts)?
    Forte has 36 pts (factoring in the handicap) and Greene has 30 pts. Forte owners are probably praying that Todd Collins keeps the starting QB gig in Chicago as Forte as a one-man wrecking crew. Greene is playing better but still splitting carries with Tomlinson. Now that the bet is essentially tied, I like Forte’s ability to get points in the passing game as what separates these two.
    Projected winner: Forte (Nate)
  10. Who has more fantasy points from week 2 on: Kyle Orton or Vince Young?
    Orton has 82 pts and Young has 32 pts. Orton is having a remarkable season and should keep putting up the numbers with the way the Denver running game has “performed”. Young may put up decent numbers but I don’t see him making up this deficit.
    Projected winner: Orton (Matthew)
  11. Who has more fantasy points from week 6 on: Dustin Keller or Vernon Davis?
    Keller has been the better fantasy option so far, thanks in part to his 5 TD catches. Mark Sanchez may be inconsistent but he’s looking for Keller in the red zone. Davis on the other hand has Alex Smith throwing to him.
    Projected winner: Keller (Matthew)

So after 5 weeks of play, the board is tied at 6 wins a piece. Another tie? *yawn* We need more bets guys and don’t be afraid to make some nonsense bets…that is after all your specialty. Can Pod Vader run a 4.6 40 yards? Who has more fantasy points: Graham Gano or Nick Folk? Who has more fantasy points: Mark Clayton or Dwayne Bowe? Put it on the board!