2010 Baseball Board – What to watch for in the last week 2

Matthew and Nate ran down the baseball board on today’s podcast and currently they’re sitting at a 14-14 tie, with 4 bets still open.  In all likelihood, this board will end in a tie so e-mail the show and suggest a board wager for the last week to break this tie.

Here’s what’s still open on the board:

  1. Will Bobby Jenks save 30 games?
    Jenks is currently dealing with a forearm injury and it’s not looking good for him to pick up the 3 saves he needs to get to 30. Ozzie Guillen hasn’t ruled out him for the season but I don’t think he’ll get enough chances if he does pitch again this year.
    Projected winner: under 30 saves (Matthew)
  2. Who finishes higher on the Player Rater: Adam Jones or Nick Markakis?
    Currently, Jones (5.14) is leading Markakis (4.45) on the Player Rater.
    Projected winner: Jones (Matthew)
  3. Will David Wright hit 25.5 homeruns this season?
    He currently has 25 homeruns.
    Projected winner: Over (Nate)
  4. Who wins more 5×5 categories (ERA, K, W, WHIP, IP): Daisuke Matsuzaka or Jair Jurrjens?
    Player IP BB H WHIP ERA K W
    Jurrjens 87.1 29 92 1.39 4.33 67 6
    Matsuzaka 80.2 37 80 1.46 5.13 70 4

    Jurrjens currently leads 4-1. Jair is in danger of having his season cut short so IP is no longer a lock for him. He still has Wins and ERA under control but the window is open for Matsuzaka to take IP, Ks and WHIP.
    Projected winner: Jurrjens (Nate)

  • Chris W

    Was looking for a visual aid for today’s podcast, and this blog is phenomenal! Great job, thanks.

    I’ve heard Berry mention it on the podcast before, but they should refer people to this site more often. Restivo could learn a thing or to!

  • Ryan

    Dice-K probably won’t catch JJ.

    He hasn’t allowed fewer that 4 ER in start since July. Hard to lower ERA and WHIP when you’re doing that in 6 or 7 innings.

    I actually think the David Wright one could be Nate’s undoing.

    He hit homers in back to back games earlier this week, but before that he hadn’t hit one in 12 games.

    This would be devastating for Nate.