2010 Baseball Board – Weekend recap 2

  • David Wright hit his 26th homerun of the season, giving Nate another board win.
  • The gap between Nick Markakis and Adam Jones got closer on the Player Rater.
  • The latest news on Bobby Jenks is that they’ll wait to see how to performs in a bullpen session on Monday.
  • Matsuzaka pitched a solid game on Sunday, while Jurrjens did not make a start. This start ended up putting Dice-K ahead in IP and WHIP and the lead in the bet:
  • Player IP BB H WHIP ERA K W
    Jurrjens 87.1 29 92 1.39 4.33 65 6
    Matsuzaka 88.2 38 84 1.38 4.87 77 4
  • Ryan

    It’s essentially going to come down to how many people Dice-K walks in his last start.


  • Evan

    Incredible. Matthew Berry might actually pull off a steal with this one. I doubt the Jones/Markakis or Jenks ones really change. The White Sox would need to have 3 save opportunities in the last week and that’s already pretty unlikely with 6 more games (3 vs. Boston, 3 vs. Cleveland).