2010 Baseball Board – 9-23-10 Recap

Picture I took of Kelly Johnson on 6-5-07 22:0...

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We’ve got one more bet to close out before the guys (hopefully) run down the board on Friday; Kelly Johnson hit his 25th homerun of the season to give Matthew Berry another board win.  I was totally on Nate’s side for this bet all season long as Johnson didn’t look like he could hit more than 3 homeruns in a month. But what has he done in the last 8 games? Only hit 5 homeruns. I suspect Matthew sent him some brownies to inspire him.

So what else has happened over the last two days?

  • Dan Haren pitched yet another great game and lowered his WHIP and ERA even more. Here’s what Haren and Garcia have done for this bet:
  • Player IP BB H WHIP ERA K W
    Garcia 47.1 18 48 1.39 3.61 38 4
    Haren 68.1 22 59 1.19 2.90 53 3
  • Scherzer had another excellent outing to vault him over John Danks (by 11 spots) and widened his lead over Billingsley (31 spots).
  • C.J. Wilson threw another solid game, putting his 2nd half ERA back under 3.00
  • Markakis and Damon continue to have one of the more boring bets.
  • Venable continued to stay hot but too little, too late.
  • Alberto Callaspo sustained a foot injury and missed the last two days, but he’s still on pace to surpass 600 PAs.  We may have to watch this one closely over the weekend. If he misses several more games this bet may come down to the wire.

Excuse the picture, I couldn’t come up with a Kelly Johnson Diamondbacks picture from my WordPress tool.