G.O.A.T.s defeated by the Jonas Brothers 4

While I did not get to see the game, I got to follow the highlights of the game from Lynn Hoppes on the Twitters. It looks like the ESPN crew were baffled by Kevin Jonas’ pitching all game long. They did not manage to get very many hits and couldn’t capitalize on the runners they got in to scoring position.  The Road Dogs ended up winning the game by a score of 3-0.

Keep an eye out on ESPN (probably Page 2) for a recap.  The special podcast tomorrow should be interesting.  I’m expecting it to contain a lot of weasels. I wonder how the guys will account for their poor performance? Actually, I know how…they’ll throw Pod Vader under the bus since he was the manager.

Here’s the initial story from ESPN on the game. Video and pictures will be up later. I wonder if ESPNews has this score on their ticker…

  • kapellmeisters

    I was at the game… I’ll upload my photos later tonight.

    Nate hit 3 singles in 4 at-bats and played the whole game in LCF.

    Berry pitched the whole game, he allowed 3 ER and 10 hits (i think) in 7 innings. 1 run was unearned. He was 0-for-2 at the plate.

    There were no extra base hits by either team. Three players struck out: TMR, Eric Karabell, and Joe Jonas. The GOATS did not realize before the game that, in softball, it’s a strikeout if you hit a foul ball with 2 strikes. So when TMR was called out, leaving 2 runners on base, there was a funny argument between the umpires, the Jonas coach, Pod Vader, and Trey Wingo.

    Eduardo Sanchez was a huge disappointment. He had 2 weak pop-ups, both caught by Nick Jonas, and stranded Nate on base twice. He also had a terrible error in the first inning, missing a tag, then throwing the ball away. This led to a 2-run Road Dogs rally.

    Marcellus Wiley didn’t look great either, but at least he reached base on an error. Mike Greenberg looked dead in his two at-bats, and then disappeared into the clubhouse.

    Michelle Beadle was really the star of the team. She didn’t have a hit, but she played catcher and prevented a 4th Jonas run when blocked Nick Jonas from scoring a run in the 3rd inning.

    Pod Vader reached base on a Fielder’s Choice in his one at-bat. He managed the team, but didn’t start the game. He came in to replace Eric Kuselias at 2B.

    Stephania Bell came in as a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the 7th, and lined out. I was sitting next to family/friends of Stephania, and they were all very friendly.

    Most of the ESPN personalities – especially TMR, Karabell, and Nate – signed autographs, chatted with fans, etc. But obviously it was a smaller crowd (maybe 75 fans) around the ESPN dug-out. Around the Road Dogs dug-out were literally thousands of pushing, shoving, screaming Jonas Brothers fangirls (ages 8-14).

    Last but not least, if The Current Mrs. Roto was who I thought she was…. very attractive!

  • kapellmeisters

    *Eduardo Perez

  • kapellmeisters

    *and Nate played RCF, not LCF.

  • Dying to know who Ms. Roto is?

    Rachel Nichols? Erin Andrews? Linda Cohn? Emmy Award winning Jacqueline Purdy?