The 06010 Board Roto League 3

I’ve set up an ESPN roto league that I’m opening up to anyone that’s interested.  Here’s the current particulars on the league, and they’re open to suggestions once people start joining:

League Settings
Draft Date: Saturday, March 27 @ 12:30PM ET
Number of Teams: 12
Scoring Type: Rotisserie (AVG, R, HR, SB, RBI, ERA, WHIP, K, W, SV)
Keepers: 3

Since it is a roto league, I’m looking for people that’ll play the entire season and not for just a couple of months.  I’ve played in my fair share of leagues where half the league is dead by June.  To help keep this from happening, I will boot you from the league if you stop managing your team.

If you’re interested in joining the league, send me an e-mail at or comment on this post with your e-mail address and I’ll send an invite your way.