Week 16 Update

Only one week left and there’s still quite a number of bets left out there. This one should be rather interesting and will actually make me care about week 17 since fantasy football is over for all my teams and the Redskins have been long out of it.  Let’s get to the rundown!

Closed Bets:

  1. Who has more fantasy points: Romo or Rodgers?
    Rodgers leads this 308-249.  Both had 13 points weeks and it Rodgers is ahead by 49 points. I’m calling this bet in favor of Rodgers.
    Winner: Rodgers (Nate)
  2. More fantasy points starting week 8: Stewart or J. Jones?
    Stewart leads this 118 to 48 and wins the bet, thanks to DeAngelo’s injury, which allowed him to pick up 50 points the last two weeks.
    Winner: Stewart (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: R. White or S. Smith(CAR)?
    White leads this 162 to 136.  Even without Smith’s season ending injury, White had won this bet in week 16 with his 25 point performance.
    Winner: White (TMR)
  4. Which Steve Smith has more fantasy points from week 5?
    The Giants’ Smith has 89 points from week 5 and the Panthers’ Smith has 118 points. The Giants version has an outside shot at this but I doubt he’ll get at least 29 points to force a push.
    Winner: Panthers’ Smith (Nate)

Open Bets:

  1. Who has a better year: Tomlinson or Turner?
    Another multiple TD week for LT as he picked up another 17 points and now leads Turner 145-141.  I don’t think Turner will play next week but you never know, so I’m not going to call this one quite yet since it’s so close.
    Projected winner: LT (Nate)
  2. Will Julius Jones gain 1,000 yards?
    Currently sitting 831 yards and on pace for 886 yards. He gets Tennessee for the last game of the season and the time share with Forsett will keep him from any shot at a monster game to put him over 1,000 total yards.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: D. Williams or Turner?
    Williams leads this bet 166 to 141 and most likely has this won.  There’s like a .001% chance that Turner plays next week and gets 26 points.  I’ll wait until later in the week when their status for week 17 is known before I close this bet.
    Projected winner: Williams (Nate)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Cutler?
    Who was that guy on Monday night? Cutler had his best game since week 9 and put up 25 points. Orton wasn’t too bad either and came away with 17 points. Orton barely leads Cutler at 190 to 189.  Both finish of the season with relatively easy matchups (KC & DET) so I’m going to have to lean towards Cutler since he’ll be playing inside and Orton will have to deal with Denver’s weather.  Of course, Cutler could revert back a week and throw up 5 INTs.
    Projected winner: Cutler (Nate)
  5. Ravitz-Berry Kicker Challenge
    After being destroyed by Nate last week, Matthew’s team of kickers came through with 81 points while Nate limped out of week 16 with just 6 active kickers.  Matthew made what looked to be a rout in to something rather interesting.  If Nate is down another 4 kickers in week 17 then Matthew can come away with this. Nate currently leads total points 1049 to 1025.
    Project winner: Nate
  6. Is Pierre Thomas a top 15 RB?
    He stays put at #15 after jumping Michael Turner but also gets jumped by Johnathan Stewart. Mendenhall is about the only guy that Thomas could still pass but he’s got LT and Jamaal Charles right on his tail. His status is questionable right now for week 17 and if he doesn’t play then I think LT will push him out of the top 15 but at this point I think he’ll play a half and pick up just enough points to stay in the top 15.
    Projected winner: Yes (TMR)
  7. Who has averages more fantasy points per week starting week 6: Cotchery or Edwards?
    Cotchery is leading at 6.25 pts/game (50 pts in 8 games) versus Edwards’ 6.0 pts/game (60 pts in 10 games). Both will probably do nothing in the last week of the season and Cotchery has a couple point cushion leading in to their matchup with Cincinnati. Edwards will have to catch a long TD pass to come out ahead in this bet and I just don’t like those odds.
    Projected winner: Cotchery (TMR)
  8. Is Chad Ochocinco a top 10 WR?
    He’ll most likely have Revis covering him in week 17 and I think if he’s going to make it in to the top 10 he’ll need to grab a TD since I don’t see him getting a lot of yardage. I believe he’s currently at #13 with Colston (+2 points), Smith (+5) and Welker (+6) ahead of him. It’ll take some luck for him to jump those guys and it’ll all depend upon how much playing time these guys get before they sit.
    Projected winner: No (TMR)
  9. More fantasy points starting week 10: Flacco or Palmer?
    Flacco now leads it 79 to 77 after seven weeks. Flacco doesn’t have to face the Jets secondary so I like him to win the bet but this can easily go either way.
    Projected winner: Flacco (TMR)
  10. More fantasy points starting week 11: Houshmandzadeh (-14) or Burleson?
    After four weeks, Burleson lead 24 to 10. I take back everything I said last week. Seattle is horrible and I don’t think either receiver would be able to score 14 points.  It’s still possible for Housh to catch up but this is squarely in Burleson’s favor.
    Projected winner: Burleson (TMR)

This week Nate picked up 3 wins to Matthew’s 1 win. Nate has 5 projected winners, with 7 bets already won to give him 12 wins. Matthew has 5 projected wins with 11 bets already won to give him 16 wins.

Nate is not out of it but will need to have two bets flip in his favor to pull a tie.  The best shot at this is the Cotchery/Edwards bet and the Flacco/Palmer bet. Pierre Thomas could also go in his favor as well and fall outside the top 15. On the flipside, Matthew could steal a win out of the Cutler/Orton bet.