Week 14 Update

As previously discussed, Matthew picked up another win this week with the Meachem/Mason vs. Harvin/Jennings bet.  The only bit of business is that I’ve added Matt Bryant as a hypothetical kicker on Nate’s side.  If Matthew could hypothetically replace an injured/cut kicker then Nate should be able to as well.  The Kicker Challenge has been update to reflect the addition of Bryant’s stats. No other bets were decided this week so let’s get in to what’s still left open.

Open Bets:

  1. Who has a better year: Tomlinson or Turner?
    LT picked up another 11 points this week and narrowed the gap to 23 points, with  Turner leading it 141-118. I still think that Turner will play again this season but if he doesn’t play next week and the Falcons lose then this’ll change my projection.  Turner should still win this bet, assuming he plays at least one more game.
    Projected winner: Turner (TMR)
  2. Will Julius Jones gain 1,000 yards?
    Currently sitting 676 yards and on pace for 832 yards, which is down from last week. He will need a monster game against Tampa Bay to make this close, but the way it’s looking is he’ll probably fall short of 900 total yards.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: F. Taylor or B. Wells?
    Beanie currently leads this 88 to 31 and even with rumblings of Taylor coming back I can’t see him making up this gap.  Barring a miracle this is firmly in the favor of Wells.
    Projected winner: Wells (TMR)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Romo or Rodgers?
    Rodgers leads this 258-218.  I jinxed Rodgers last week as he only came away with 7 points in week 14.  It’s still too much ground for Romo to make up over 3 games.  I like Rodgers to win even if he turns in several more performances like this one.
    Projected winner: Rodgers (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: D. Williams or Turner?
    Williams now leads this bet 165 to 138.  DeAngelo should have an okay go of it for the rest of the season but I can easily see Atlanta taking it easy on Turner if they’re out of the playoff race. I now like DeAngelo to win the bet.
    Projected winner: Williams (Nate)
  6. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Cutler?
    Cutler is ahead 165 to 157.  Orton’s big week made this a lot more interesting. Cutler finishes the year against Bal/Min/Det while Orton’s got Oak/Phi/KC.  Orton has the tougher road but it’ll be close all the way to week 17.
    Projected winner: Cutler (Nate)
  7. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Edwards?
    Orton has a substantial lead of 157 to 63. It’s not entirely out of the question that Fitzpatrick and Orton get injured and are out for the year and Edwards averages 30+ points the rest of the season.  Who am I kidding? I’ll leave this up as pending for one more week and then declare Orton the winner next week.
    Projected winner: Orton (TMR)
  8. Who has more fantasy points: R. White or S. Smith(CAR)?
    White leads this 134 to 103.  Next week is Smith’s chance to make up major ground as White will most likely be going up against Revis of the Jets, who just shuts down everyone.  White still has enough of a lead that this will not make a difference.
    Projected winner: White (TMR)
  9. Ravitz-Berry Kicker Challenge
    Nate won week 14 and now the best Matthew can do in head-to-head is tie. Nate leads the challenge 933-893 and Matthew leads the hypothetical challenge 947-945. As I’ve said before, this will come down to the very last week.
    Projected winner: Too close to call
  10. Is Pierre Thomas a top 15 RB?
    He currently up to #16 after week 14 and now that Kevin Smith is out for the season, he should be able to move up another spot next week.  Forte and Mendenhall are just ahead of Thomas and Jacobs and LT are quickly gaining ground. I like Thomas’ chances now that Smith is out of the picture.
    Projected winner: Yes (TMR)
  11. Which Steve Smith has more fantasy points from week 5?
    The Giants’ Smith has 66 points from week 5 and the Panthers’ Smith has 85 points. Despite only 5 catches in the last two weeks the Panthers’ Smith seems to make the most of them and has totaled 21 points over that span. I like the Giants’ Smith more as a fantasy option but I don’t think he can make up this 19 pt gap over the last 3 weeks without a monster game.
    Projected winner: Panthers’ Smith (Nate)
  12. Who has averages more fantasy points per week starting week 6: Cotchery or Edwards?
    Cotchery is leading at 7 pts/game versus Edwards’ 5.1 pts/game. As long as Cotchery can stay healthy he’ll win this bet.
    Projected winner: Cotchery (TMR)
  13. More fantasy points starting week 8: Stewart or J. Jones?
    The Daily Show leads this 68 to 34. I just don’t see either back doing much over the last couple of weeks so Stewart will keep his lead.
    Projected winner: Stewart (Nate)
  14. Is Chad Ochocinco a top 10 WR?
    He’s currently #14 and moved up a couple of spots after jumping Harvin, Driver and Ward this week.  He currently 13 points behind #10.  Cincy isn’t looking like a good option at passing the ball and a show down with the Jets looms so Esteban’s chances at a top 10 finish are slim.
    Projected winner: No (TMR)
  15. More fantasy points starting week 10: Flacco or Palmer?
    Palmer leads it 46 to 44 after five weeks. Flacco looked better this week and Palmer is starting to fade.  Flacco will pull ahead in the bet next week and keep it for the win.
    Projected winner: Flacco (TMR)
  16. More fantasy points starting week 11: Houshmandzadeh (-14) or Burleson?
    After three weeks, Burleson lead 24 to -2. Seattle just looks like a mess and I don’t like Housh’s chances to make any major ground in this bet.
    Projected winner: Burleson (TMR)

Nate has 6 projected winners, with 4 bets already won to give him 10 wins. Matthew has 9 projected wins with 8 bets already won to give him 17 wins.

Nate better get some more bets on the board or Matthew is going to easily walk away with the board.  My recommendation is for Nate to make some bets involving the Redskins to pull at his Redskin homerism…it might be the easiest way to sucker him in to a sure loss.