Week 13 Update

Here’s your weekly run down of the bets.

Closed Bets:

  1. Who has more fantasy points in week 13: Manningham or Bryant?
    As Matthew and Nate discuss on the 12-13-09 podcast, this was easily won by Matthew as Antonio Bryant went b-a-n-a-n-a-s for 116 yards or in the fantasy world, 11 points.  Manningham on managed 10 yards, or 1 point.
    Winner: Bryant (TMR)

Open Bets:

  1. Who has a better year: Tomlinson or Turner?
    LT has consistently making it into the end zone and is slowly taking advantage of Turner’s absence.  Turner still leads it 141-107 but if he misses a couple more games this will get very interesting.  I still like Turner to win this as he finishes the year against Buffalo and Tampa Bay.
    Projected winner: Turner (TMR)
  2. Will Julius Jones gain 1,000 yards?
    Currently sitting 633 yards and on pace for 844 yards. He’ll probably do a little better than that but Justin Forsett has shown he deserves a share of the carries in Seattle and should limit Jones’ ability to a couple of huge games to push him over 1,000 yards.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: F. Taylor or B. Wells?
    Beanie currently leads this 75 to 31 and even with rumblings of Taylor coming back I can’t see him making up this gap.  The carries in NE will be split among too many guys for Taylor to make a comeback.
    Projected winner: Wells (TMR)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Romo or Rodgers?
    Rodgers leads this 251-201.  Romo has been playing better lately but Rodgers just doesn’t have a bad week, ever.
    Projected winner: Rodgers (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: D. Williams or Turner?
    Williams now leads this bet 156 to 138 but has joined the injured ankle club with Turner. I think DeAngelo missed his chance to put this bet away with a total of 4 points the last two week.  I now like Turner to win this bet and expect him to have monster games to finish out the season.
    Projected winner: Turner (TMR)
  6. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Cutler?
    Cutler is ahead 153 to 139.  I own Cutler in too many leagues to think he’ll do anything down the stretch.  He’s just playing horrible, as evident in his 9 point performance against the Rams. With all that said, he still has enough of a lead to hold off Orton.  I don’t see Orton having any weeks that’ll allow him to catch up to Cutler.
    Projected winner: Cutler (Nate)
  7. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Edwards?
    Orton has a substantial lead of 139 to 63. Barring injuries to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Orton, this bet is going in the favor of Orton.
    Projected winner: Orton (TMR)
  8. Who has more fantasy points: R. White or S. Smith(CAR)?
    White leads this 130 to 89.  White came out of his funk the last two weeks and has pretty much wrapped up this bet.  Smith will need to have a couple of crazy 100+ yard, 2 TD games to catch up.
    Projected winner: White (TMR)
  9. Ravitz-Berry Kicker Challenge
    Matthew won week 13 and narrowed the gap but Nate still leads 863-837.  However, Matthew does lead in the hypothetical challenge with the addition of Matt Stover’s points, 887-863. Unless Lawrence Tynes gets dropped by the Giants, this will come down to the end.
    Projected winner: Too close to call
  10. Is Pierre Thomas a top 15 RB?
    Currently at #17 and with Mendenhall, K. Smith, and Forte within 5 points.  He could easily surpass Forte and Smith but I don’t like the fact that New Orleans spreads the fantasy points around every week to Bell, Bush and Thomas.  Thomas will be close but he’s relying on TDs to keep pace and not yardage.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  11. Which Steve Smith has more fantasy points from week 5?
    The Giants’ Smith has 59 points from week 5 and the Panthers’ Smith has 71 points. I like the Giants version of Steve Smith a little bit more but his bye week is going to kill his chance at winning this bet.
    Projected winner: Panthers’ Smith (Nate)
  12. Who has averages more fantasy points per week starting week 6: Cotchery or Edwards?
    Cotchery is leading at 8 pts/game versus Edwards’ 5.4 pts/game. As long as Cotchery can stay healthy he’ll win this bet.
    Projected winner: Cotchery (TMR)
  13. More fantasy points starting week 8: Stewart or J. Jones?
    The Daily Show leads this 66 to 31. If DeAngelo Williams’ injury allows for Stewart to carry the ball more than normal, then Stewart’s won the bet.  You can’t count on either back to be consistent with their scoring but Stewart has the higher potential to get TDs than Jones.
    Projected winner: Stewart (Nate)
  14. Is Chad Ochocinco a top 10 WR?
    He’s dropped down to #17 and with some strong WRs ahead of him. I don’t like the matchup he has in week 17 against the Jets and that’ll keep him from reaching the top 10.
    Projected winner: No (TMR)
  15. More fantasy points starting week 10: Flacco or Palmer?
    Palmer leads it 38 to 31 after four weeks. It appears that neither guy wants to win this bet.  Palmer should’ve taken a commanding lead the past two weeks but only put up 15 total points against the Browns and Lions.  I like Flacco to the take the lead this week against the Lions and keep the lead.
    Projected winner: Flacco (TMR)
  16. More fantasy points starting week 11: Houshmandzadeh (-14) or Burleson?
    After one week, Burleson lead 19 to -7. What a horrible season for Houshmandzadeh.  He just doesn’t get any yardage or TDs on a regular basis to make a run at Burleson .
    Projected winner: Burleson (TMR)

Nate has 6 projected winners, with 4 bets already won to give him 10 wins. Matthew has 9 projected wins with 7 bets already won to give him 15 wins.

There were a good number of bets that changed hands this week and most of them in the favor of Matthew. Nate will need some huge weeks from Ochocinco and Palmer to get back in this…or trick Matthew in to making some stupid bets.