I’m thinking of starting a FAQ for the Fantasy Focus podcasts since who knows when we’ll see this up on ESPN’s site. I’m looking for your input on this so you’ve got anything please send your input to the06010board@gmail.com.

I’ll be looking for items such as:

  • Where did 06010 come from?
  • Why is Pod Vader referred to as that?
  • Why is there a Man’s League?
  • 06010 is the zip code for Bristol, RI, where ESPN headquarters are located.

  • Adam

    The reason for the man’s league started when Pod Vader told Nate and Matthew that he won his fantasy (football or baseball – can’t remember the sport) league – but it only had 8 teams. When they heard this, they created a 16-team football league and a 20-team baseball league filled with podcast listeners so that Pod would have to prove his fantasy prowess in a deep league instead of the shallow leagues he was accustomed to.