Week 11 Board Update

Here’s your weekly run down of the bets.

  1. Who has a better year: Tomlinson or Turner?
    LT had a solid week and narrowed the gap to 138 to 80. LT will need a monster week if he wants to catch up to Turner while he’s out.
    Projected winner: Turner (TMR)
  2. Will Julius Jones gain 1,000 yards?
    Currently sitting 509 yards and this week’s injury puts his chances at 1,000 yards in jeopardy. Before the injury he was on pace to barely break 1,000 yards.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  3. Who has more fantasy points: F. Taylor or B. Wells?
    Beanie currently leads this 69 to 31 and is starting to run away with this bet.  Even if Taylor is back this week I doubt he’d do enough in the NE backfield to catch up.
    Projected winner: Wells (TMR)
  4. Who has more fantasy points: Romo or Rodgers?
    Rodgers leads this 207-154. Another solid week for Rodgers and another stinker for Romo.
    Projected winner: Rodgers (Nate)
  5. Who has more fantasy points: D. Williams or Turner?
    Williams now leads this bet 151 to 138 after his 6th straight double digit week.  Still going with this being DeAngelo’s bet to lose.
    Projected winner: Williams (Nate)
  6. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Cutler?
    Cutler is ahead 138 to 119. The Broncos appear to have no choice but too play Orton.  I’m projecting this to be a little closer than I thought it was last week.  Cutler also leads Orton in whiny baby points.
    Projected winner: Cutler (Nate)
  7. Who has more fantasy points: Orton or Edwards?
    Orton has a substantial lead of 119 to 63. Stick a fork in Edwards because he’s done. Fitzpatrick killed any shot of Edwards making a run at Orton.
    Projected winner: Orton (TMR)
  8. Who has more fantasy points: R. White or S. Smith(CAR)?
    White leads this 103 to 82. Matt Ryan needs to get his act together or Smith will come from behind to take this.  I still like White better only because he doesn’t have Delhomme throwing to him.
    Projected winner: White (TMR)
  9. Ravitz-Berry Kicker Challenge
    A tie week so Nate keeps his lead but this will still come down to the last week, barring a release or injury.
    Projected winner: Too close to call
  10. Is Pierre Thomas a top 15 RB?
    Currently at #17 and would be comfortably in the top 15 if Mike Bell would stop vulturing TDs.  He’s still got Mendenhall, Jacobs and Stewart behind him that could end up passing him.  There’s too many cooks in the Saints backfield to see Thomas getting consistent points.
    Projected winner: No (Nate)
  11. Which Steve Smith has more fantasy points from week 5?
    The Giants’ Smith has 52 points from week 5 and the Panthers’ Smith has 54 points. I like the Giants version of Steve Smith a little bit more. This bet should come down to the wire though and could very well be decided by whoever can manage one huge week.
    Projected winner: Giants’ Smith (TMR)
  12. Who has averages more fantasy points per week starting week 6: Cotchery or Edwards?
    Cotchery is leading at 11 pts/game versus Edwards’ 4.8 pts/game. As long as Cotchery can stay healthy he’ll win this bet.
    Projected winner: Cotchery (TMR)
  13. More fantasy points starting week 8: Stewart or J. Jones?
    The Daily Show leads this 45 to 25. Forsett’s productive week only means less opportunity for Jones to have that big week to catch up.
    Projected winner: Stewart (Nate)
  14. Is Chad Ochocinco a top 10 WR?
    He’s dropped down to #16 and with some strong WRs ahead of him.  I still think that he’s got an easy enough schedule ahead that he’ll have some monster weeks. He is only 11 points behind the #10 WR.
    Projected winner: Yes (Nate)
  15. More fantasy points starting week 10: Flacco or Palmer?
    Palmer leads it 23 to 14 after two weeks.  Flacco has not looked good recently and the Ravens are having trouble scoring TDs.  Cincy has some cake teams ahead so Palmer should put up some rather nice numbers.
    Projected winner: Palmer (Nate)
  16. More fantasy points starting week 11: Houshmandzadeh (-14) or Burleson?
    After one week, Burleson lead 10 to -11.  The addition of Forsett to the passing game will take some targets away from the WRs and Housh seems to struggle some times getting his yards.  I like Burleson to win this.
    Projected winner: Burleson (TMR)

Nate has 8 projected winners, with 4 bets already won to give him 12 wins. Matthew has 7 projected wins with 6 bets already won to give him 13 wins as well.

A couple of bets got closer while a few more were starting look like locks but overall no big changes to the projections.  The Kicker Challenge will still be the deciding bet.