Week 6 board update

It was a good weekend for Matthew as he picked up two wins to give him a 4-2 lead.

It may have taken Beanie Wells 6 weeks to reach a 100 yards but he finally got there. This was a throw away bet since Nate just wanted to prove that you didn’t want anything to do with Wells this year. I’ll give him a hypothetical win there.

Marc Bulger managed to have a decent game to give Matthew another win. Bulger outscored Josh Johnson 10-5. Not much to say about this bet other than both QBs were ‘eh’. Johnson was a TD pass away from making this a tie.

The kicker challenge will be updated later today. I haven’t looked too closely at the kicker results for week 6 yet but I think Nate built a bigger lead with Gostkowsi and Kaeding having pretty good weeks.