Baseball Board Update – There’s controversy and Berry wins

A lot of bets went down to the wire this year and the jury is still out on two bets: Dan Haren top 10 2nd half pitcher and Miguel Cabrera vs. Seattle OF HR total. I’ll let the fantasy monkeys at ESPN figure out the Haren one since they’ve got the tools to get that data. Cabrera vs. Seattle is currently a push since Ichiro (11), Gutierez (18) and Balentien (4) hit 33 HRs for Seattle. Balentien did hit 3 more for Cincinnati and Cabrera’s got a shot to hit another HR on Tuesday. Controversy!

It’s hard to really say if Haren was top 10 or not since he was solid in the 2nd half but didn’t get a whole lot of wins which would hurt his value on the player rater. I think he was just outside of the top 10 which would give the TMR another win.

Without these two bets, the current board stands at:
TMR – 13
Nate – 12

So even with some weaseling by Nate on the HR bet, the TMR still eeks out the win and breaks the board losing streak!

Stay tuned for updates and recap of all the bets with some short analysis on how the bets turned out. I guarantee it to be slightly more entertaining than Restivo’s podcast appearance.

EDIT: Restivo rubbed off on me as I got the Uggla/Zambrano bet backwards so it’s now 13-12 Berry.