2009 Baseball Board Recap

This was actually a pretty good board this year as a lot of the bets went down to the wire and a homerun here or there could’ve easily swung this board in Nate’s favor.  Without further ado, here’s the recap of this year’s bets.

  1. Will Curtis Granderson steal 16 bases?
    It’s almost as if he wanted to win the bet for Nate since he only stole 5 bases after the break and none in August or September.
  2. Who will have more K’s: Carlos Zambrano or Dan Uggla?
    Another good board bet. If Zambrano had missed one more start this would’ve gone the other way. Fun Fact: 9 guys had more Ks than Zambrano.
  3. Will Shin-Soo Choo hit 20 homeruns?
    If Nate wants to blame anyone for losing the board, he could go with Matthew’s boy, Shin-Soo Choo, whose homerun on game #161 made this bet a push.
  4. Who will hit more HRs: Shin-Soo Choo or Jeff Francoeur?
    Frenchy made this interesting after his trade to New York, where he actually forgot that he was Jeff Francoeur.
  5. Who will have a higher player rater at the end of the season: Adam Lind or Travis Snider?
    Even if Snider wasn’t sent to the minors, he would’ve had to have had an Albert Pujols-esque rookie season as Lind finished #35 on the Player Rater.
  6. Which will happen first: A-Rod 5th HR or Randy Johnson 5th win?
    Now if this bet some how had October involved with it, I’m sure Randy Johnson would’ve won it. Oh yeah and this happened.
  7. Who wins more roto categories: Wandy Rodriguez or Jeremy Guthrie?
    Matthew’s man love for Way-Rod proved to be legit. It’d have made the same bet as well as Way-Rod was improving and Guthrie was still pitching on a bad Orioles team.
  8. Who hits more HRs: Miguel Cabrera or Seattle OF?
    Drama! Controversy! Will Cabrera hit two homeruns in the one game playoff? Will Nate weasel Balentien’s homeruns in Cincy in to the bet? This bet was actually closer than anyone probably thought it was going to be.  Who thought Ichiro would hit 11 and Gutierrez would hit 18?
  9. Which will Ubaldo Jimenez total more of: wins or homeruns allowed?
    Ubaldo should buy stock in whoever make humidors since 13 HRs surrendered by a Rockies pitcher is not too shabby.  The 15 wins were impressive to considering how the Rockies started out the year.
  10. Which will be higher: Jeff Francoeur HRs or Erik Bedard wins?
    A closer bet might have been Francoeur hits vs. Bedard days on the DL.  As an O’s fan, thank you Seattle for Adam Jones.
  11. Which will be higher: Chone Figgins HRs or Prince Fielder triples?
    Wow, this was like watching paint dry.  Figgins must’ve caught wind of the bet and knew he had to step up for Matthew. If someone had only talked to Solomon Torres I’m sure that Fielder would’ve hit 3 more triples for Nate.
  12. Will Jeff Mathis hit .237 for the season?
    I can’t even remember why this was a board bet. Can’t blame Jeff Mathis for hitting under .237 when you only get 40 ABs a month.
  13. Will Brad Ziegler save 30 games?
    This only goes to show that you don’t pay for saves.
  14. Who wins more roto categories: Chris Carpenter or Adam Wainwright?
    I wasn’t expecting this to be as close as it was after Carpenter got injured.  It was ultimately this injury that decided the bet as it was IP that decided the bet.
  15. Will Adrian Gonzalez hit more than 36.5 homeruns?
    A good bet and amazing that Gonzalez could hit 40 homeruns in that lineup.  Why did anyone even pitch to him?
  16. Will Emilio Bonifacio hit 8 points higher than Dan Uggla?
    Will anyone even remember Bonifacio next year?
  17. Will Brandon Wood hit .245?
    Poor Brandon Wood, can’t even get 50 at bats. It’s a shame since guys like Bonafacio can almost get 500 at bats on a good team. Wood is now clearly falling in to the of the post-hype sleeper.
  18. Who will have a higher Player Rater: J.J. Hardy or Asdrubal Cabrera?
    As a J.J. Hardy owner all I can say is “Arrgh!”
  19. Who steals more bases: Dexter Fowler or Nyjer Morgan?
    Morgan’s trade to the Nation’s capitol won this for Matthew as he was stealing bases like they were going out of style.  I wonder if he was nailing his batting gloves to the wall for each steal.
  20. Will Dan Haren be a top 7 pitcher?
    Haren once again proving Matthew right about his 2nd half performances. He was lights out in the first half and did just enough to stay in the top 7.
  21. Will Emilio Bonafacio have more than 500 at bats?
    Probably the most interesting bet of the year. Emilio looked like he was going to be a lock for 500 at bats with the way he started the season.  Then Nick Johnson came along and Emilio disappeared with 500 at bats within sight.
  22. Will Matt Holliday hit 25 homeruns?
    Another solid board bet that looked like a lock for Nate earlier in the season. Yet another trade that sparked the performance of the player to make the bet close.
  23. Will Mark Reynolds hit 35 homeruns?
    What a blow out. It’s even more amazing that he had 44 homeruns with 223(!) strikeouts.  I’m sensing a board bet for next year on the over/under on Ks for Reynolds.
  24. Will Francisco Liriano win 10 games?
    Nice Mark Prior impersonation, Francisco.  Let’s try to not suck or get injured next year.
  25. Who wins more 2nd half roto categories: Dan Haren or Jon Lester/Josh Beckett?
    I hate bets like these since they are so hard to track.  First you’ve got three players to keep track of and second, you got to do it on 2nd half splits.  Haren was pedestrian in the 2nd half so it didn’t take much for
  26. Will John Grabow or Matt Capps get traded?
    Matthew weaseled this one out of Nate.  He’ll have to keep the strategy of making these types of bets next year.
  27. Who saves more games: Downs or all other TOR pitchers?
    I was with Nate on this one.  I would’ve expected Downs to pick up some saves after he returned. In one league he stayed in my DL spot for the remainder of the season since I wanted to keep him around in case he started to close again.
  28. Will Dan Haren be a top 10 pitcher in the 2nd half?
    A good deal but horribly difficult to keep track of. I have no idea if they threw this bet out or not.  I’m guessing they threw it out since Restivo doesn’t have it on his board and the fantasy stat monkeys probably didn’t want to do the work to create a custom Player Rater list for this.