Update on the board bets

I took down the bet tracker since it was a lot of work to maintain so instead of updating that daily/weekly/quarterly I’ll just run through the current board bets every once and a while. Without further ado I present a look at the board.

  • Will Curtis Granderson steal 16 bases? (16 steals is a push)

    He’s sitting at 11 steals as of this post so unless he gets injured, it looks as if he’ll reach 16, possibly by the All-Star break.
    Projection: Nate (over)

  • Who will have more K’s: Carlos Zambrano or Dan Uggla?

    It’s too close to call at this point. Big Z and Uggla are essentially tied at this point.
    Projection: Matthew (Zambrano)

  • Will Shin-Soo Choo hit 20 homeruns?

    Choo is on pace for 22 homeruns. He’s playing pretty good and is in no danger of losing playing time so I think he’ll just get past 20 homeruns.
    Projection: Matthew (over)

  • Who will hit more HRs: Shin-Soo Choo or Jeff Francoeur?

    I think Matthew jinxed Francoeur’s career. Choo should win this one.
    Projection: Matthew (Choo)

  • Who will have a higher player rater at the end of the season: Adam Lind or Travis Snider?

    Unless Travis Snider can pitch, I think Adam Lind has this one in the bag. He’s looking rather impressive and Snider’s in Triple A.
    Projection: Nate (Lind)

  • Which will happen first: A-Rod 5th HR or Randy Johnson 5th win?

    Nate won this one a while back.
    Winner: Nate (A-Rod)

  • Who wins more roto categories: Wandy Rodriguez or Jeremy Guthrie?

    A month ago this looked like Wandy was going to run away with it but now it’s tough to call. I think Wandy still wins it with K’s, ERA and Innings.
    Projection: Matthew (Rodriguez)

  • Who hits more HRs: Miguel Cabrera or Seattle OF?

    Cabrera should still win this. Ichiro is actually hitting more than just singles but Balentien looks to be spot starting so it would take a breakout season from Gutierrez for the Seattle OF to win this.
    Projection: Matthew (Cabrera)

  • Which will Ubaldo Jimenez total more of: wins or homeruns allowed?

    Ubaldo is keeping the ball in the park with only 3 HRs in roughly 90 innings. He’s projected for 12 wins and 7 allowed HRs. I think that stands.
    Projection: Matthew (wins)

  • Which will be higher: Jeff Francoeur HRs or Erik Bedard wins?

    As bad as Francoeur looks, I don’t think Bedard can stay healthy long enough.
    Projection: Matthew (Francoeur)

  • Which will be higher: Chone Figgins HRs or Prince Fielder triples?

    Prince leads this 2-1. I’ll go with Prince on this since it’s hard to see Figgins hitting that many homeruns.
    Projection: Nate (Fielder)

  • Will Jeff Mathis hit .237 for the season?

    He’s currently at .202 and with a couple starts a week it’ll be tough to get in a grove and get that average back up.
    Projection: Nate (under)

  • Will Brad Ziegler save 30 games?

    His days of being the closer in Oakland appear to be done. Even if he somehow gets the job back, it’ll be tough to get to 30.
    Projection: Nate (under)

  • Who wins more roto categories: Chris Carpenter or Adam Wainwright?

    Wins is the important category here. I think Carpenter will take ERA and WHIP and he’s missed too much time to win Innings and Ks. Carpenter is still an injury risk so I believe Wainwright will take the wins category.
    Projection: Nate (Wainwright)

  • Will Adrian Gonzalez hit more than 36.5 homeruns?

    He’s at 22 already and the only thing that should keep him under 36.5 homeruns not being pitched to. He should pick up 15 more HRs the rest of the season.
    Projection: Matthew (over)

  • Will Emilio Bonifacio hit 8 points higher than Dan Uggla?

    Bonifacio will probably end up hitting around .250 and Uggla will probably struggle to get to .240.
    Projection: Nate (Bonifacio)

  • Will Brandon Wood hit .245?

    Does Wood even make it back to the majors? For his sake, I hope he does. He’s hitting pretty good in the minors right so he should get another call. I’m optimistic that he’ll hit over .245.
    Projection: Matthew (over)

  • Who will have a higher Player Rater: J.J. Hardy or Asdrubal Cabrera?

    Hardy’s got to really turn it around if he wants to catch up to Cabrera. I think Hardy does but Cabrera will still prove more valuable.
    Projection: Matthew (Cabrera)

  • Who steals more bases: Dexter Fowler or Nyjer Morgan?

    Going with Morgan here since he’s got more job security. The Rockies have too many OFers and it’ll take some time away from Fowler.
    Projection: Matthew (Morgan)

  • Who steals more bases: Torii Hunter or Curtis Granderson?

    Currently knotted up at 11. I think Hunter will steal more, as long he stops running in to walls, due to the Angels running more often.
    Projection: Matthew (Hunter)

  • Will Dan Haren be a top 7 pitcher?

    Currently #3 on the Player Rater with some of the big names lower on the list. The lack of wins hurts him but the rest of the stats should be good enough to keep him around the top 7. I think he’ll finish #6 on the list.
    Projection: Nate (Top 7)

  • Will Emilio Bonafacio have more than 500 at bats?

    At 269 at bats right now and he’s still not being very useful. I think someone will get the call (Gaby Sanchez?) before he has a chance to reach 500.
    Projection: Nate (under)

  • Will Matt Holliday hit 25 homeruns?

    Currently projected for 20. He’ll do better than that but not by much…maybe 22-23 HRs.
    Projection: Nate (under)

  • Will Mark Reynolds hit 35 homeruns?

    He’s half way there with 18 HRs. He hit 28 HRs last year even with all of his Ks. He’ll finish the season around 40 HRs.
    Projection: Matthew (over)

  • Will Francisco Liriano win 10 games?

    He’s been pitching better lately so I’m confident he’ll start picking up wins. It also helps that Mauer is healthy and boosts the Twins offense, giving Liriano more wiggle room.
    Projection: Matthew (over)

    Final tally:
    Matthew: 14
    Nate: 11

    So, right now I’m projecting Matthew to win the board this year. This is probably due to Nate hating on everyone take always taking the under. I’m a bit more optimist about guys so that why I project Matthew winning more of the over/under bets.