2009 Fantasy Focus Man’s League

The 2009 edition of the Fantasy Focus Man’s League drafted last night and is now available as a link under the blogroll, or you can click here for the league.

Here’s some highlights from the draft:

  • Pod Vader drafting both Eric Chavez and Erick Aybar
  • Hanley Ramirez went #1 by Put it on the booooooard! Tim.
  • Peanut Rico drafted the most players with Z’s in their names (A. Gonzalez, R. Zimmerman, G. Sizemore, N. Schierholtz, E. Velez, W. Rodriguez, J. Zumaya).
  • Nipple Jeff drafted Buzzsaw Billingsley, which will probably be the only time you see “nipple” and “buzzsaw” in the same sentence.
  • Gotta Have Faith Steve did not draft a single player named “George” or “Michael”
  • Single Thong Joe missed out on drafting Jason Giambi by 6 spots but made up for it by drafting Brandon Wood.
  • Curt Schilling was drafted (by Single Thong Joe) and Bartolo Colon was not.
  • Travis Snider was drafted at #212 and Adam Lind at #238.
  • Jeremy Guthrie was drafted at #227 and Wandy Rodriguez at #237.
  • The first closer drafted was Johnathan Papelbon at #50. The next closer taken was Joe Nathan at #72.
  • The 500th and last player drafted was Brandon Moss.