The 06010 Board Man’s League

It would appear that there will not be a Man’s League for the baseball podcast this year, so I felt I should step in and create a Man’s League. It’s in no way affiliated with the podcast but I’ll try to see if I can get some of them in to the league.

Here’s the league format:

  • 16 Teams
  • H2H Roto scoring (weekly matchups)
  • Standard 5×5 categories
  • Roster size: 25 (22 starters, 3 bench, 1 DL)
  • Auction draft ($260)
  • FAAB ($100, $1 min bid)
  • Draft Date: April 4th @ PM Eastern

I’m planning on reporting on the league throughout the season so expect a crappy interview that I’ll conduct with you.

So, how does one get in to the league? It’s real simple, just fill out the form below on why you should be in the league. Keep it to one paragraph and it can be funny, serious, etc. Bribes are accepted but they don’t get you automatically in to the league.

The 06010 Board Man’s League – Entrants

Here’s a list of the people that have been invited to The 06010 Board Man’s League and little reasoning why they were invited.

  1. @TomTheIntern – He’s the defending champion of the 2014 Man’s League.
  2. @CarlLandra – He’s Canadian.
  3. @MOanimalcrackers – Has a greyhound, veteran of the 2013 Man’s League.
  4. @celtictso – Aka Suck up to Steffie Tom. Wouldn’t hear the end of it if he wasn’t in. Unofficially, the Pod Vader of this league.
  5. @ryanlmarchand – Needed another Canadian to meet the division quota.
  6. @Sean_Rosales – Promised pictures of his Shiba Inu’s.
  7. @ComboMeals – Did great work with the twitter account and “Hey! It’s a combo meal!”
  8. @TheRealPodVader – Not sure who this guy is or how he got in.
  9. @JGuntherDC – Certified EMT, can help out with any injuries we have during the season.
  10. @FloundOfPesh – Wrote song lyrics to the tune of something that flew over my head. Impressive effort regardless.
  11. @DanielDopp – He’s got a better beard than myself.
  12. @JoelASchnell – Promised homemade BBQ sauce.
  13. @mromang – Adds some International flair to the league by being Swiss (No offense Canada). Also one of my favorite WWE superstars is the Swiss Superman, Cesaro.
  14. @broximo – I learned from him that maple syrup is available in cans in Canada!
  15. @myslas – From Sweden, which is apparently the Canada of Europe…and we need more Canadians!

The league is now full but I still have applications on hand in case someone has to drop out. 

2015 Podcast Awards – Nominations Are Open

You can now start to nominate podcasts for the 2015 Podcast Awards. You can only submit a single nomination so to make sure you follow the rules. Nominations close on the night of Monday, February 2, 2015.

Here’s my nomination guide:

  • People’s Choice: ESPN Fantasy Focus Football
  • Sports: ESPN Fantasy Focus Football
  • Entertainment: Swiftcast

If you have recommendations for any other podcasts, leave them in the comments.


Who has more plate appearances: M. Betts or K. Wong?

Who has more plate appearances: Mookie Betts or Kolten Wong?
Eric: Betts
Tristan: Wong

Check out the 1-12-2015 podcast between 29:56-30:21 for this bet.

Who has more plate appearances?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ... Trump Offer #ThankYouNate

In some circles, it’s still up for debate whether or not Nate is a weasel. It was a hotly contested subject back in 2012 when there were two battle websites, and It was probably out of the lack of supporting facts, that lost this battle. You can still revisit all of the content here on The 06010 Board. The man behind the website, Eric, consistently crushed it like a grape with his content. One of his better submissions to the show was when he made a Donald Trump offer to prove he wasn’t a weasel.

Weaselly Board Bets #ThankYouNate

Nate may only have a few podcasts left but I’m sure he’ll continue to make surprise returns to Matthew’s iteration of the podcast. I suspect that next year’s board will be extremely one-sided if the following clip is any evidence.

The banter between Matthew and Nate is special and will truly be missed. I believe in Matthew’s talents, I like the cut of his jib but I’m not sure he’s up for doing half the podcast using Nate’s voice.

Best Host In the Business #ThankYouNate

This week will be the last full week of podcasts for Nate and as a way to thank him for all of the years of podcasting I’ll be posting some of his finer moments throughout the week.

If you have any fond memories of Nate, post them in the comments or tweet them out on Twitter using the hashtag, #ThankYouNate.

To start things off, let’s just review how great of a host Nate has been. He always manages to keep everyone on track and makes the podcast run like a well oiled machine. Let’s take a listen to Nate at his finest with a clip supplied by “Nate Is A Weasel” Eric.


Who has more fantasy points in week 16: J. Flacco or R. Griffin III?

Who has more fantasy points in week 16: Joe Flacco or Robert Griffin III?
Nate: Flacco
Matthew: Griffin

Check out the 12-19-2014 podcast between 48:45-50:47 for this bet.

Who has more fantasy points in week 16?

  • J. Flacco (56%, 10 Votes)
  • R. Griffin III (44%, 8 Votes)
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Who wins the playoff matchup in The Bristol Benchwarmers league?

Who wins the playoff matchup in The Bristol Benchwarmers league?
Nate: Nate
Matthew: Matthew

Check out the 12-11-2014 podcast between 18:30-19:22 for this bet.

Who wins the playoff matchup in The Bristol Benchwarmers league?

  • Matthew (52%, 45 Votes)
  • Nate (48%, 41 Votes)
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Who has more fantasy points from week 15 on: M. Floyd or V. Jackson?

Who has more fantasy points from week 15 on: Malcolm Floyd or Vincent Jackson?
Nate: Floyd
Matthew: Jackson

Check out the 12-8-2014 podcast between 23:10-24:11 for this bet.

Who has more fantasy points from week 15 on?

  • V. Jackson (71%, 75 Votes)
  • M. Floyd (SD) (29%, 31 Votes)
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